Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strange Things That Exist on the Internet.

And believe me when I say that I understand it is impossible to encapsulate all that falls under this category in one, or even one THOUSAND posts. Even in my hearing about and stumbling upon the strange things that exist on the big and scary interwebs, I'm sure I haven't even come close to the ugly underbelly that lies ahead of those who actually SEARCH for these things.

Subject of focus? 4chan. I know this is nothing new for many (ye be judged!), but what in the world IS this?! Well, according to the description one finds on Google after typing this curious term into its search engine, it is merely the "largest English imageboard on the web". Ah! But it is SO much more than that. Is this where internet memes are born, or is it where they go to die?!

Upon clicking to the site from Google, the "recent images" I was subjected to consisted of: One white girl in a native headdress, one half-naked anime girl (99.9% of this site) AND one transexual woman bent in such a fashion that her less-than-womanly MAN parts are brilliantly exposed for all the world to see.

Categories seem to boast some sort of ability to pander to all sorts of interests, with Japanese niche words like (WARNING: NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR OTHER PEOPLE IN GENERAL) "oekaki" and "ecchi"

I guess the most odd component of the site would be the users. One interesting and seemingly hypocritical example:

"Are video games and 4chan the only thing you are going to do for the rest of your life? You pathetic sedentary eunuchs. Go outside and meet someone. If you're ugly as fuck, which you most usually are, there are plenty of fat and ugly girls around. You stupid virgins, at least read and educate yourselves; end this squalid beardnecktedness that has consumed you. You make me fucking sick.

Thanks and good night."

Beardnecktedness indeed.

On the flipside, who am I to display a weariness towards the people who indulge in such INTERNET appendages? If 4chan is what makes you happy who am I to cry "what the f***?!" Besides, there appears to be categories even *I* could be interested in, like the academic stylings of the "literature" categ- oh wait, nevermind. =/

Love, Tasha

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