Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Arghity Argh.

BAH. I always, always do this. Plan to go to bed at 11p.m. and then not. Until 2. It's almost 2 now.

Too much to think about. So much to dooo.

I'm a communications major, so obviously, in my program, we talk about the many ways in which people communicate with each other. Lately I've been confronted by a lot of theoretical discussion about the internet, and how anyone can blog. We watched this vid where this guy describes a theory called "mass amateurisation". Well, without getting TOO far into it (less I go cross-eyed), this theory essentially says that literary merit will eventually go to shit with the fact that anyone can publish themselves on the internet.

Which is kiiinda true, no? I am at an impasse- with myself! It's true that ANYONE can say they write because they have a blog. But then ANYONE can create a blog. What's the point? It's not like we're more important or something. And it's not like people read it, either.

Well, except for my dad. Daddy! <3

AHEM. I dunno. I get real cynical about blogs. And yet I still make entries? Whyness?

Arghity. Sleeep time? Mebbe



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