Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Looking Backwards.

When it comes to looking back
It's a terrible habit indeed
When you reminisce about he who lacked
and could not suit your needs

It's a terrible thought to ponder
That you let him(s) get so close
And you really begin to wonder
Why the fuck it was he(s) you chose.

He(s) said you were a different person
And perhaps this fact became true
Particularly when he(s) spoke of ANOTHER person(s)
Instead of focusing on you.

Why should he(s) deserve who you really are
When this whole time you tried to be you,
He(s) imagined others with which he'd go far
Not giving a shit about what he could lose

His('s) easily swayed attention
was less than a desirable trait,
Affecting one's own self-perception
And breeding an impeccable hate

You don't get to see past the gate
When you're too busy with your head up your arse
Altering my psychological state
and treating my feelings as farce.

but alas, it was all over ages ago
Dark times and lame lads behind
My real self now only will show
To the real man I happened to find.