Tuesday, December 16, 2014

L i t tle T h ings.

I want to blog again. But I always seem to be stuck.

Re-reading some of my old posts the other day made me realize that I always write about the same things. The worst part is that these things are things that I dislike about my life. Even more terrifying, as indicated by the timeline of my previous posts, these things have been bothering me for a very long time. 

So now, I want to tell my "voice" to grow up. The only crappy relationship I would like to address now for the first (and hopefully last) time is the one I have with myself.

What I needed previously and still need to find for real, is my self-respect. My esteem. My ability to just "be". 

And these are my new principles for blogging. No angst-fuelled rambles. Just life, as it is from day-to-day. It's time to take control, and indulge in all experiences, whether they be big or small   (someone brings you kiwiis in an attempt to make your day brighter. Definitely worked).

If only I could bottle such a mantra and take it out to have a sip every once and a while.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Purging- A L i st.

- Less Facebook posts
- Less junk articles (no money to pay for extra data; see first item)
- Less obsessive phone-checking (see first two items; besides, your relationship with your phone is now borderline unhealthy anyway)
- Less falling asleep with the computer on (studies show this is terrible for your sleep)
- Less impulsive spending
- Less jaw-clenching
- Less ranting about your relationship
- Less taking work personally
- Less photos of your face, or your cat's face (with the imperative for more photos of the world around you- for posterity and the appreciation of your life)
- Less nail-painting (yikes.)
- Less hair-washing (double-yikes)
- Less fear of the future unknown
- Less comparison of your physical appearance to others (nearly impossible)
- Less dread of getting out of bed in the morning
- Less wish-making at 11:11 (for wishes you are too lazy/stupid/intimidated to help make come true)
- Less fidgeting while listening
- Less sugar (obviously)
- Less cynicism
- Less assumption
- Less discontent
- Less fear of losing control.

- T.