Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Purging- A L i st.

- Less Facebook posts
- Less junk articles (no money to pay for extra data; see first item)
- Less obsessive phone-checking (see first two items; besides, your relationship with your phone is now borderline unhealthy anyway)
- Less falling asleep with the computer on (studies show this is terrible for your sleep)
- Less impulsive spending
- Less jaw-clenching
- Less ranting about your relationship
- Less taking work personally
- Less photos of your face, or your cat's face (with the imperative for more photos of the world around you- for posterity and the appreciation of your life)
- Less nail-painting (yikes.)
- Less hair-washing (double-yikes)
- Less fear of the future unknown
- Less comparison of your physical appearance to others (nearly impossible)
- Less dread of getting out of bed in the morning
- Less wish-making at 11:11 (for wishes you are too lazy/stupid/intimidated to help make come true)
- Less fidgeting while listening
- Less sugar (obviously)
- Less cynicism
- Less assumption
- Less discontent
- Less fear of losing control.

- T.

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