Tuesday, October 16, 2012

morning conundrum.

It hardly ever makes sense to set my alarm for 6:30. Though a logical time for me to wake, in order to shower, style my hair, do my makeup and go through the pain of choosing today's sad excuse for "business casual", I will most likely reset it for 6:45. Then 7:00. Then after that I'll lay in bed and listen to the news, if I'm lucky.

Sometimes I have to go to the washroom, though, or the cat is begging to cuddle me to death behind my malfunctioning bedroom door. Much of the time, the reasons to stay in bed and close my eyes to the world often outweigh the reasons to roll out of the warmth and dreamy-ness. Go to work, check my phone neurotically, wonder endlessly about the direction my entire life will take. It helps, perhaps, to approach every day as the first of the rest of your life.

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