Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back again again again again.

Alright, it's time to start this shiznit up again.

In part, it's because I am currently infuriated by the complete dysfunction of my current living situation. In another part, it's because one section of my life is coming to a close and almost as quickly another is beginning. Any kind of creative outlet might help to alleviate some of the anxieties that come along with not being a student and being forced to become an adult. Growing pains. Cleverrr.

So what do I think about finally putting on the classic pencil skirt-blouse-blazer combo and marching out the door only to be stuffed onto a public vehicle nose-to-nose with other people who had no idea their degree would lead to such an undignified mode of transportation? It's not bad.

I still have trouble getting up in the morning, particularly because I'm blinded as soon as I turn on the light. I don't get it, because I used to have to wake up at 6am every during high school just to catch the damn bus.

I feel mildly awkward in my new office. I have this everywhere I go though, so I guess that's not really new.

I'm running out of things to wear. Yet I need to save money. Instead of putting my well-earned (yeah right) birthday funds towards something awesome, I likely will be hitting up a mall to make some more business casual combos. =/

October and therefore Halloween is coming soon. October 1st is the last day of my retail job, which is so complexly bitter-sweet that I can't tell if I will love or hate leaving. A little of both I guess.

I loooove Autumn and Halloween for the colours and the snuggle-time weather and the gloomy days.

I think the fact that I am no longer a student is a perfect excuse for not having to complete this entry coherently.

Stay Tuned!!!!



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