Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Sundays.

Definition of SWEET
a (1) : pleasing to the taste

a : pleasing to the mind or feelings : agreeable, gratifying —often used as a generalized term of approval
b : marked by gentle good humor or kindliness
c : fragrant

d (1) : delicately pleasing to the ear or eye
(2) : played in a straightforward melodic style
e : saccharine, cloying
f : very good or appealing

: much loved : dear
a : not sour, rancid, decaying, or stale : wholesome
b : not salt or salted : fresh
c : free from excessive acidity —used especially of soil
d : free from noxious gases and odors
e : free from excess of acid, sulfur, or corrosive salts

Sundays are my only days off as it is; I work a few times during the week, and when I'm not doing that, I'm on campus, learning things about Shakespeare most people will probably never know or even care to know about in their lifetime.

The main issue with my lack of blogging is that week days strike me as mundane, uninspiring and exhaustive. It's Sunday where I actually have time to relax, interact with people I truly care about, and feel alive again. Sweet.

Yes, I do believe these past couple of Sundays can be described in a nutshell by the definitions above.

Last night the Mister and I saw Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, the deliriously inspiring conclusion to a day downtown in the CN Tower. The film involved a man going back to 1920s Paris only to meet some of the greatest modern writers and artists. The Parisian atmosphere was alluring all on its own, unless of course Rachel McAdams was in the scene being a damn banshee.

Two Sundays ago now, it was Father's Day. Although it also happened to be the one-year weekend for myself and the mister, I did spend the day with Dad and his dog:

Cisco, formerly known as "Puck", came from Taiwan. He's small, hyper, adorable and has a thing with glomping the cat, which part-way explains the cone of indignity as he wears it in this photo.

This Sunday was Mister and Tasha's day for our one-year triumph, and so it was fitting to do something "touristy" I guess, as my friend Leena pointed out. Indeed, we did do touristy things among tourists, but it was the most amazing experience to me after a week-long march through non-stop life experience.

The cutest, when all the boats on the lake looked like little toys. How's that for alliteration?! =p

Tasha and Mike's feet on the glass floor. Note how his feet are cautiously placed on the beams.

My life's goal should be to bottle sweet feelings.

Love, Tasha.

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