Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mikeless in Manhattan.

I cannot believe I've been sitting in this classroom for an hour and a half. My bladder is full of coffee and sports drink, my gum is getting stale. I has to pee!!!

What have I been up to lately? It's weird, when people ask me that question. On the surface, I can't say "Oh, you know, performing in a traveling circus". Really, the only consistent activities my body has been actively participating in lately is school, work, and hanging with my partner with a sprinkle of yoga classes.

Internally however, I am like a roller coaster. I can't be the one only one who endures this daily craziness, where your mind races over all the things you have to do between now and the future. There's also the odd days where my good friend Productivity is nowhere to be found, and I just want to lay in bed watching X-Files all day.

I of course want to say that I will update my blog daily or atleast a couple of times a week, but I feel like my attention span is way too all over the place for me to keep such a promise to myself. We shall see.

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